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Master in Finance

Del 18 de octubre de 2021 al 25 de junio de 2022 Madrid

FINANZAS | Banca, Seguros, Finanzas corporativas, Gestión de carteras


Presencial - Streaming




0-4 años


500 horas

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En qué consiste

With a track record dating back over 25 years training students and professionals, Afi Escuela de Finanzas is a leading academic institution specialised in economics, finance and advanced technology. The school is part of Afi Group, which has been providing expert advice and consultancy services in the areas of finance, economics and advanced technology for three decades. This synergy allows us to work closely with top-tier enterprises, quickly master new trends and best practices and better understand what the market is demanding.


What are the main objectives of the master?


The Master in Finance of Afi Escuela de Finanzas provides you with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities that will help you develop your professional career within the financial sector.

El Máster en Finanzas consigue un año más estar en el top 3 del ranking de máster el mundoThe Master in Finance of Afi Escuela de Finanzas, has been selected, one more year, as the 3rd best master’s degree in Spain in the Banking and Financial Markets category. This Ranking in a national level is one of the most important and prestigious.
Each Master is evaluated through a thorough analysis of the syllabus, faculty, students profiles, academic rigor and the professional outcomes of the students at the end of their studies.


We also offer our students, the possibility of fallowing their classes remotely.


  • 100% Employment 6 months after finishing the program: Our graduates are in high demand. The job placement opportunities employment exchange and the professional practices of the school have more than 100 agreements with leading companies in the sector. Some of the available companies are:
  • Practical: Practical approach, in permanent contact with the real world, imparted by prestigious economics and finance practitioners.
  • Constantly updated content: The Master course will take place given in Madrid, in the city center, at Afi´s headquarters, which is one of the most recognized Spanish advisory and consultancy firms specialised in economic and financial markets. Due to this, the latest trends, the most innovative methodologies and current situations are taught to the students.
  • Faculty: Our faculty is made by prestigious economics and finance practitioners. 
  • Accredited by The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV): The Mifid2 Directive states that investment services companies must understand the characteristics of the financial instruments they offer or recommend to clients. Member States require the above mentioned companies to ensure and demonstrate to the competent authorities that their employees who provide information or advise to clients have the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their obligations.

    The Master in Finance (MF) from Afi Escuela de Finanzas expires with the requirements established by the CNMV, appearing in the list of titles, degrees and certificates that meet the requirements of section 8 of the Technical Guide 4/2017 from February 8, 2018. This degree accredits the ability to advise.


Testimonio de la Dirección académica


Ángel Berges

Director Académico del Master en Finance

                                                               Testimonios de alumnos del Master in Finance

A quién va dirigido

The Master in Finance is specifically targeted at people with an undergraduate degree looking to build solid, state-of-the-art financial skills: those interested in developing and fostering a career in banking, securities, collective investment schemes, pension fund management, insurance, economic, financial and financial risk consultancy or in the finance departments (treasury, planning and management control) of corporates, multilateral organisations, regulatory and supervisory bodies or the public sector.


The students who have passed by the Master in Finance of Afi Escuela de Finanzas hold different university degrees:


You can start the Master without having a Bachelor / Bachelor's degree, although to obtain the Postgraduate degree, it will be necessary to present the Bachelor's / Bachelor's degree.

¿Dónde se imparte?

Calle Marqués de Villamejor,5. Madrid

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Información de interés

The Master in Finance has a pre-campus, of a non-compulsory nature, in order to standardize the basic knowledge to follow the program. Pre-campus will begin on October 4 and will last until October 15, 2021.

The program of the Master in Finance consists of more than 500 teaching hours as follows (60 ECTS):


  • Financial Economics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Markets and Financial Institutions


  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Financial Planning


  • Financial Assets and Derivatives
  • Portfolio Management


  • Banking Economics
  • Fintech & Digital Transformation


  • Specialise in Corporate Finance
    • Transactional corporate and financial risk
  • Specialise in Portfolio Management
    • Portfolio Management
  • Specialise in Banking
    • Risk Management and Capital Adequacy

For more information about the Master in Finance syllabus, download the brochure.

Ángel Berges Lobera

Vicepresidente, Afi. Catedrático de Economía Financiera en la UAM. Ph. D. Management por Purdue University.


Esteban Sánchez Pajares

Socio Director de Servicios Financieros, Afi. Doctor en Economía, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


David Cano Martínez

Socio Director General de Afi Inversiones Financieras Globales, EAFI. MFC por Afi Escuela de Finanzas.

José Manuel Amor Alameda

Socio del Área Análisis Económico y de Mercados, Analistas Financieros Internacionales. MBF por Afi Escuela de Finanzas

Pablo Guijarro Segado

Socio del Área Corporate Finance, Analistas Financieros Internacionales MBF por Afi Escuela de Finanzas

Pablo Mañueco Galindo

Socio del Área Corporate Finance, Analistas Financieros Internacionales. MBF por Afi Escuela de Finanzas

Ángel Moreno Caso

Socio del Área Finanzas Cuantitativas Afi, Analistas Financieros Internacionales. MFC por Afi Escuela de Finanzas

Emilio Ontiveros Baeza

Socio Presidente Afi. Catedrático de Economía de la Empresa de la UAM

Pilar Barrios Gómez

Socia, Analistas Financieros Internacionales. Master en Finanzas Cuantitativas, Afi Escuela de Finanzas. Doctora en CC. Matemáticas por la UC3M

Carlos Magán

Socio de Afi Inversiones Globales SGIIC, EAFI

José Antonio Herce San Miguel

Director Asociado, Analistas Financieros Internacionales. Doctor en Economía por la UCM. Máster of Arts en Economía por la Universidad de Essex (UK).

Roberto Knop Muszynski


Gonzalo García Andrés

Consultor del Área de Análisis Económico y de Mercados, Analistas Financieros Internacionales

Jorge Rodríguez Sánchez

Manager of Economic Analysis, Telefónica, S.A.

Afi Escuela de Finanzas offers scholarships for Academic Excellence and Internationalisation. If you are interested, please contact us at:

The School has more than 100 agreements so that our students can get work experience in the financial field of their choice. 
Our partners include global and local financial institutions and corporations.