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Digitalization & Big Data Analysis Specialist

Summer School

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TECNOLOGÍA | Data Science y Big Data






50 horas

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En qué consiste

The goal of this program is to show the organizational changes needed in big companies to survive in the new scenario created after the digitalization process of the last years. It addresses questions related to Big Data and Data Science that will help to improve the decision making process. Throughout the program, the students wil become familiar to these tools to solve different managerial problems.

A quién va dirigido

This program is essential for those Students on their last degree courses with solid skills on maths, stats and technology. Specially recommended to students on degrees of:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Engineering.

¿Dónde se imparte?

Afi Escuela de Finanzas

Cómo llegar

Información de interés

We will study and practice with state-of-the-art methods and algorithms. And we will solve real business problems with the help of experts from companies like Telefonica or Urban Data Analytics. The practical exercises will be performed individually or in small groups, supervised by the faculty.

  • MODULE 1: Digital Revolution: taking advantage of the latest technologies
  • MODULE 2: Big Data (Data Engineering): massive data processing
  • MODULE 3: Data Analysis (Data Science & Machine Learning): allowing business to be one step ahead of customer needs
  • Use case I: Telecommunications and internet
  • Use case II: Banking
  • Use case III: Marketing

Pilar Barrios

Socia/Partner, Afi-Analistas Financieros Internacionales. Doctora en CC Matemáticas por la UC3M. MFC por Afi Escuela de Finanzas.


Borja Foncillas

Consejero Delegado de Afi y Socio-Director Área de Negocio Digital. Ingeniero Informático por UAM.

Javier Nogales

Profesor Titular, Departamento de Estadística, UC3M. PhD in Mathematics por UC3M.

Rocío Parrilla

Consultor Área de Analytics, Afi. MDSF por Afi. Graduada en Matemáticas por UMA.

Ignacio Charfolé

Business Intelligence Manager at Telefonica

  • Registration fee: 995 €
  • Registration fee + accommodation: 1.590 €
  • The course must be paid for 15 days before the start.

*ACCOMMODATION: Afi Escuela de Finanzas will provide accommodation near our school, site in Madrid city centre.